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The Magic Miracle Accu Mat
The Magic Miracle Accu Mat
The Magic Miracle Accu Mat
The Magic Miracle Accu Mat
The Magic Miracle Accu Mat
The Magic Miracle Accu Mat

The Magic Miracle Accu Mat

The Magic Miracle Accu Mat

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Introduce yourself to the ancient art of acupressure and allow yourself to improve your overall health naturally.

What is Acupressure Mat & Pillow Set?

Inspired by the ancient Indian healing tradition that has been around for thousands of years, thousands of harmless spikes have been strategically placed on the mat and the pillow to provide your body with relaxation

Arrest your back distress

Does your back need a little extra sitting, sleeping or walking support? No problem! The Magic Miracle AccuMat™  is here.  Tested & trusted by physicians. The Magic Miracle AccuMat™ helps to naturally relieve even the most stubborn, annoying, grit-your teeth aches and pains in your day to day life.

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Benefits and features:

  • PAIN RELIEVER - Naturally reduce muscle tension, and back pain by simply laying on the mat daily for 10-30 minutes. Helps to relax muscles in your back, neck, and feet
  • RELAXATION & STRESS RELIEF - Lay back and relax onto this "bed of needles" to massage pressure points that help release tight muscles and relieve stress. Use prior to bedtime to improve your sleep

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How the Miracle Mat works:

✔ HOLISTIC RECREATION: the Miracle Mat is designed to treat your upper and lower back at the same time and our pillow gives you comfortable and therapeutic support for the neck and head. Thousands of comfortable, strategically positioned, non-puncture and body-contoured therapy points gently exert pressure on your body's meridian lines to stimulate blood circulation and flood the body with feel-good endorphins.
 LESS STRESS & MORE ENERGY: Whether you have tension or are exhausted after a hard day's work in the office, the Miracle Mat helps you to recover and relax. Lean back and feel how the mat relieves muscle tension and mental stress

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Package includes: 

1 x Miracle Mat™ Massage Cushion  
1 x Massage Pillow 
1 x Storage Bag 

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